Aluminium Alloys

These are the ranges of aluminium alloys available from Capalex in the form of extrusions. We offer a wide range, which enable us to offer extrusions to be used in most applications.

Types of Alloys

1xxx Aluminium of 99% minimum purity
2xxx Aluminium – copper alloys
3xxx Aluminium – manganese alloys
4xxx Aluminium – silicon alloys
5xxx Aluminium – magnesium alloys
6xxx Aluminium – magnesium – silicon alloys
7xxx Aluminium – zinc – magnesium alloys
8xxx Miscellaneous alloys eg. Aluminium lithium alloys

Capalex's Alloys

At Capalex we extrude, machine and fabricate the following alloys:

Alloy Types
1050A 1200 2014 2014A 2024 3003
5083 6005A 6060 6061 6063 6063A
6082 6463 7020 7050 7075

Note: The 6000 and 7000 series aluminium alloys are the most commonly used and have a wide range of applications; Click on the link to download a full table of common extrusion aluminium alloys and their properties.

Chemical Composition

Each Alloy has a different chemical composition, which can be seen on each alloy sheet, click on the alloy above for more information.


T&Cs and Quality certificates are available on our Legal page.

Further Reading

For more information on aluminium alloys and other technical information click on one of the following external links:

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