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The cost of an extrusion die is affected by the complexity and size of the aluminium profile being manufactured. Charges start from £950.

We will extrude any quantity from prototypes to large scale production.

All our profiles are extruded to order.

Raw aluminium extrusion can be supplied in a few weeks, dependent on tool and alloy availability. Machined and surface treated extruded aluminium components will take a few weeks longer.

Aluminium is alloyed with small percentages of other metals and cast into billets/logs to use in the extrusion process. The alloy range we offer and applications can be viewed on our resources.

Profiles are supplied to BS EN 755 as a default, however Capalex can work to tighter BS EN 12020 tolerances and will work with our customers to supply to far tighter tolerances where needed on specific features and applications. Our quality system is approved to AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015.

The price of profile is affected by many factors which include the alloy type, size, complexity, tolerances, surface quality requirements and batch size.

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