Hardness Testing

For aluminium alloys there is no simple relationship between hardness and tensile strength.

Capalex can carry out on-site hardness tests with our in-house hardness testing machines.

'Rockwell B' is usually the preferred scale, and we supplement this with mobile testing around the factory with portable Webster devices.

Mechanical Testing

Capalex can carry out Mechanical Testing on site, ensuring your product arrives meeting your required specification

Capalex can provide mechanical test certificates against a customers order.

The tensile properties normally determined for these materials are tensile strength, proof stress and elongation.

The cost of the mechanical test certification depends on the specification required.

Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is determined for aluminium extrusions by the stress required to break a test piece in a tensile testing machine.

Sample with the extensiometer being attached.

Proof Stress

Proof stress can be defined as the stress which is produced while the test load is applied.


Elongation is determined as a percentage increase in length from a stated gauge length which is inscribed on the tensile test specimen.

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