7050 Alloy Data Sheet

Aerospace materials are covered by the ā€˜Lā€™ series of British standards.

7050 Aluminium Alloy Data Sheet - Remaining details to follow soon

Properties given are typical and should only be used for comparisons of alloys. Actual values will depend on section specification.

Forming Fair
Machining Good
Welding Not Suitable
Brazing/Soldering Suitable
Protective Anodising Fair
Aesthetic Anodising Poor
Mechanical Properties
Temper T7651
0.2% Proof Stress Min N/mm2 469
Ultimate Tensile Strength Min N/mm2 531
Chemical Composition EN AW-7050
Si 0.12
Fe 0.15
Cu 2.00-2.60
Mn 0.10
Mg 1.90-2.60
Cr 0.04
Zn 5.70-6.70
Ti 0.06
Zr 0.08-0.15
Aluminium Remainder

(The chemical composition of aluminium and aluminium alloys is supplied in percentage by mass. Limits are expressed as a maximum unless shown as a range or a minimum.)

Similar and Obsolete Specifications
UNS A97050 QQ-A-430
ISO AlZn6CuMgZr EN AW7050
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