AND Profiles in 7075 and 2024

CAPALEX have developed die technology and solution heat treatment processes enabling us to extrude AND profiles in hard alloys 7075 and 2024 in a range of tempers.

AND (Army and Navy Drawing) profiles are in wide use in the aircraft construction industry which CAPALEX serves through its AS9100 Rev D certification.

CAPALEX specialise in lightweight, tightly tolerance profiles and can extrude AND profiles of wall thickness 0.060 inches (1.6mm) wall thickness and greater.

All AND profiles are extruded to order and may be ordered in any quantity with no minimum order required (no MOQ).

Tempers available include T73511, T6511, T3511 and release specifications include AMS-QQ-A-200/3 and AMS-QQ-A-200/11.

Lead times are currently around 12-16 weeks only where new dies are required.

The dies are of a design developed over the last 6 months in conjunction with specialist die makers. The dies are necessarily more expensive than our standard dies and prices compare with commercial rates used on 7” presses.

TMS (Tiernay Metals) and BAC (Boeing) profiles can also be extruded to order.

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